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Don’t yank that T_T

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people were asking my one piece aus or whatever and all i could think was science nerd law.

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ooc; yooo, it’s bed time! But I’ll probably be on my phone a bit, reblogging random pics

Good night!

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*shameless self-promotion* WELL— my friend Marina (who you guys may know as Koala) kinda made me do this, but because I can barely keep one muse alive I decided to just make it a side-blog to this one. That way I can manage them both without having to switch accounts.

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M!A: Nami is a guy for 24 hours!


~ POOF ~

"Someone’s going to pay for that."

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//Not adorable, Olan /\ see?

ooc; Totally adorable!

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Send me a ▓ to see how I, the MUN, would react to meeting your character in person.

What better way to spend a Saturday than to walk around the mall, buying things nobody needs anyway? Exactly, there is none. So there she was— strolling around and buying useless things such as a bright purple hair pin when she decided to walk over to the plush department.

Lucy blinked when her gaze fell upon what seemed to be a female version of Chopper. She wasn’t aware they were selling Anime merchandise at this store. And then, just when she wanted to check the prize tag, the little thing started moving and… talking. She blinked. Could it be——?

In a matter of seconds, the redhead was holding the reindeer in her arms and cuddled it. "Awww, you’re even cuter in real life!"

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Impersonating the Crew
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It’s like I’m talking to another me!  Are you actually me or do you just look a lot like me?

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